Preparing the 1750 Berlina for the MOT

After just standing on the driveway for nearly 2 years, it was time to prepare the car again for the MOT. Normally it starts with checking the obvious: lighting, horn etc. But this time it had to start with the most important thing: making sure the car would run………..

So with high hopes I had a fully charged battery and turned the key………. No response on LPG! Switching to petrol: Nope, no response either. The cause of the second problem was quite easy to determine: no fuel was pumped to the curburettors. The reason: a dried out membrane of the fuel pump.

Since the car is registrated as a LPG car, it is only neccessary for the MOT that the car actualy runs on LPG, not petrol. After some searching it turned out that on of the valves for the LPG supply got stuck. A 12V boost directly from the battery fixed it! So the biggest problem was solved now.

Another reason why I hadn’t driven the car for so long was the fact that the heater was leaking cooling fluid at the valve. This also caused the heater fan to stop working. The only way to fix this was to remove the heater unit. Fortunately I had an extra heater valve and the heater fan could be saved by loosening the carbon brushes and replacing the completely vanished springs. The fan never spun this quite since I’ve had this car!

There was a problem with the rear RH indicator light, which was caused bij a desintegrated contact for the bulb! After taking out the bulb of the other lights the same parts broke as well….. Fortunately some years back I bought some NOS tail light units! A quick fix.

Time for the MOT: Passed directly! Only some notes regarding rust on the inner sills…… oh boy! So now I don’t need to buy extra parts to pass MOT I can order the fuel pump and replace it. Just to be sure the car will drive even when the LPG doesn’t work. Man, I’m glad that she is up and running again!


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