This would be the most challenging parts of the rebuild! I never did this before, but it turned out great! So happy with the result.

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  • Great Job, hope mine will fit as good,

    Could you provide details on the foam used ( or was this received together with the liner ).

    I am also interested where you bought the liner.

    Thanks in advance,

    Greats from Belgium 🙂

    PS: Great website

  • Hey Roel, thanks for the input, I decided to remove the liner as it will result in more coherent approach since I am doing a full body off ( feel like it would be pitty not to remove.
    Great finish, hope I can get close to your result (planned end 2020 ).
    The white foam seems to be fairly thin, will pay visit to a local shop too, I guess.

    Will keep you posted.


    • Hi Ram,
      I’m not sure whether I used 19mm or 25mm. I have searched for some remaining foam, but wasn’t able to find it (yet). I still have foam left for my other car, but forgot where I stored it………
      I will let you know asap.


  • Hi Roel,

    What an amazing description of this fantastic job! I am about to start mounting the head liner to my car and your clear explanation will definitely help me with this challenging task. Yours looks great and you should be proud!


    • Hi Joost,

      Thanks! Good luck with the job. It’s just a matter of going slow and precise. It really isn’t that hard like everyone is making it sound. Well at least that is my opinion 😉
      I’m glad I made this page, since I have to do it again someday on my 1750 GTV…… No need to invent the wheel again!


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