The dash and the steering wheel needed a lot of TLC. My sisters refurbished the steering wheel herself!

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  • Hi,

    I have a 1750 GTV. I would like to clean the inside of the gauges.

    How do you open them?

    • Hi Herbert,

      It’s a pain to open them really. I’ve tried it once with an old gauge by bending back the metal trim. It didn’t look that well afterwards.
      Next time I would consider using a Dremel and and cut the housing, but that again: you could get some metal parts in the gauge…..

  • I have a chap here in Knysna, South Africa, who completely refurbished all 4 of my gauges on my Junior, including cleaning the back of the glass glass. I also did a LED bulb conversion so much brighter now and cannot see any dust on the glass. That dust is actually the fluorescence from the numbers which powders off over years of vibration. He redid that also.

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