When I saw a Berlina for the very first time I thought it was an ugly car…… But since that a lot has changed. I’ve owned two Giulia’s (which I considered to be an ugly car as well some years ago) and during that period I began to appreciatie the Berlina.

One day I saw an advertisment of a brown 1750 Berlina (1968). It was love at first sight, but since I already owned 3 Alfa’s (at the same time, which was the agreed maximum with my better half) I let it pass. A few days later the ad was gone and that left me with a sad feeling…….

Two weeks later the same ad was there again. This time I wasted no time and picked up the phone. Half an hour later I was on my way! Man, when I saw the Berlina in real life, I was sold (and so was the Berlina)!