And finallty the project was finished. I first started taking apart the original car in june 2002. The car was finished in March 2011. What a long road it has been. And of course I wasn’t working on the car the whole 9 years, but I’ve spend hundreds of hours in this project. And finally after 9 years my sister has a car that is as good as new and she doesn’t have to fear that it will fall apart now. And fortunately she now has a dry warm place to put the car.

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  • I’m midway through my 74 GTV, with questions: On the headliner, with respect to perimeter insulation…

    What thickness foam? What density? What glue? Spray on or brush on? Are there some glues that simply do not hold up under heat of a car parked in the sun?

    Appreciate any response. Thanks

  • Hi Frank,

    Somehow yout comment was marked as spam…
    It’s been a while since I did this, so I don’t exactly recall. For some parts I used acoustic foam that comes with one sticky side. For other parts I just bought foam at a local shop and fixed it with spray on glue. Still holding after a couple of years…

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