This site is dedicated to the beautiful cars of the 105 series of Alfa Romeo. In particular the early 1750 models: Alfa 1750 GT Veloce and Alfa 1750 Berlina. You can also find the complete restoration of my sisters 2000 GTV. The last few years I was not interested in the Alfa's anymore, but recently I got really excited again. This was also the moment to decide the revive my removed old website www.1750gtv.com, which has inspired a lot of people who did restorations as well. It was taken out of the internet some years ago because of the insecure system it was built on. Nowadays with all the simple platforms to build a website on, I decided to rebuild this website! So at this moment it is work in progress and the website will be filled on a daily basis!


On this page I'm showing 2 of my complete nuts and bolts restorations: My Sisters Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV and my own Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV and Alfa Romeo 1750 Berlina. My sisters car has already been finished and my 1750 GT Veloce is work in progress. The 1750 Berlina is a daily driver and is an ongoing project.


New website online!

A few years ago I used to have a site for all my Alfa Romeo 105 series projects: www.1750gtv.com. The website was visited by a lot of people interested in the full and partial restorations of my sisters 2000 GTV … Read More