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  • Hi, Am wondering if you are still onto this project. I am doing a similar one – 1969 1750 gtv mk1. I am tring to figure out the out headlamp mounting layout – there appears to be no bracket within the wing onto which the bowl mounts. Ther are just 3 tabs. Brackets are available but am not sure if mine needs. So my question to you is, does your Mk1 have outer headlamp brackets?

    • Hi Roel,
      have you managed to make any progress on this? I am still awaiting completion of paint on my 1750 body. hopefully soon and then can reassemble.

      • Hi Pete,

        I started replacing the radiator support, but halfway my bakproblems got worse (I had my third back operation in 2019) and so it came to a halt again……

        Have any pictures of your car? Which colour will it be? Mine is going to be Yellow Ochra!

        • Roel,
          sorry to hear about yr back problems! Am still waiting the body of my vehicle – coincidentally will be Giallo Ocra too. Not sure how to post a pic on yr website?

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